Do I have to buy digital radios or can I still get analog radios?  Will new radios work with my existing equipment?

You can still get analog radios.  The price differential is not that significant and since digital radios can always operate in analog mode, you can buy digital and start migrating without replacing everything at once. New equipment can always…

Can I use radios like the old Nextels?

Yes and no.  The Nextel system is no longer available however, many of the features that were attractive in the Nextel product are now available in digital radios.  In addition new digital radios do not require airtime to operate.

What is DMR?

Digital mobile radio (DMR) is an open standard defined in the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and used in commercial products around the world. Nearly every manufacturer of two-way radios builds products to this standard. …

Do you offer overtime service?

Yes, we offer service 24 hours, 365 days a year.  Our overtime calls are responded to by an on-call technician who can address your service issue regardless of the time.  In addition to emergency overtime, we can schedule off hours work so…

Do you offer extended warranties?

Yes we are able to offer extended warranties for nearly all of our products.  Also we offer service contracts for maintaining equipment after the warranty has expired.

I have equipment mounted in trucks and in offices. Can you come out and fix things here?

Yes, we offer mobile service.  Our field technicians are able to address equipment repairs at your site and can often repair equipment in the field as opposed to pulling it and bringing back in.

Do you offer service outside the metro area?

Yes, we offer services throughout the state as well as neighboring states.

Do you have lease options?

Yes, we offer leases as well as other financing options.

Can I try equipment before I buy it?

Yes, we have several ways that you can test equipment to see how it will work in your environment.  In most cases, there is no cost for this.