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Commercial Two-Way Radios

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Professional Wireless Communications has one of the most experienced and technically capable teams in the region with over 125 years of combined experience in radio technologies.

Professional Wireless Communications has one of the most experienced and technically capable teams in the region with over 125 years of combined experience in radio technologies.

Professional Wireless Communications has been providing radio communications solutions to the Twin Cities metro area since 1998.  We have helped businesses bridge the communications gap through the use of two-way radio and related equipment. We carry portables, mobiles, base stations, earpieces, and headsets for nearly any application. Our popular brands include HyteraKenwoodIcom, and more.

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POC/LTE Nationwide Radios

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Long Range Two-Way Radios

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Let PWC HANDLE Communication FOR YOU

PWC can design a system to provide seamless coverage to meet the needs of your environment and offer scalable solutions to provide for potential changes and growth in your needs.

Our most popular models


Hytera Horizon LTE Radios

Horizon's LTE radios, also known as Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) devices, combine the wide coverage of LTE networks with the simplicity of traditional walkie-talkies. These devices are perfect for businesses needing real-time communication over broad areas without the expense of building and maintaining their own network infrastructure, such as logistics, delivery services, and field operations.
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Kenwood NX 1200/1300 Series

Kenwood radios are renowned for their reliability, excellent audio quality, and ease of use, making them suitable for a wide range of applications from security and public safety to education and retail. They offer both analog and digital models, catering to organizations at any stage of transitioning to digital communications, ensuring seamless operation and communication clarity.

Hytera HP6 Series

The Hytera HP6 series is known for its rugged design and reliable performance, making it a go-to choice for industries requiring durable and efficient communication tools. These radios are well-suited for challenging environments like construction sites and large-scale events, where clear communication is crucial for safety and coordination.

Still have questions?

At Professional Wireless Communications (PWC), we're here to ensure that all your communication needs are met with expertise and care. Our team of professionals is equipped to provide tailored solutions, no matter your industry or location.

Whether you're looking for advanced digital radio systems, seamless nationwide coverage, or specialized dispatch solutions, PWC has the knowledge and resources to support your objectives.

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Radios for Schools & Universities

Professional Wireless Communications (PWC) enhances campus safety and efficiency with reliable digital two-way radios, offering extensive coverage without monthly fees.   Our two-way radios provide seamless communication among educators, administrators, and security staff. PWC customizes solutions to fit any educational institution's needs, ensuring robust, cost-effective campus communications.

Radios for Hospitality & Entertainment

PWC tailors digital two-way radio systems for the hospitality industry, ensuring seamless operations across hotels, resorts, and casinos.   Our solutions support 24/7 communication across all departments, from security to housekeeping, without the complexities of cell phones.   We consult closely to address unique venue requirements, enhancing guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Radios for Manufacturing Floors

PWC provides digital radio solutions for manufacturing, from small warehouses to large plants, enhancing communication and safety.   Our two-way radios are tough, rugged, water proof, and can seamlessly connect various teams, ensuring efficient operation and compliance with safety standards.   We offer customized solutions, including intrinsically safe radios, to meet specific manufacturing needs.

Radios for Security Professionals

For security teams, PWC's digital two-way radios offer superior wide-area coverage, enabling efficient "one-to-many" communication that cell phones can't match.   This system facilitates real-time collaboration and expertise sharing among security personnel, significantly enhancing operational effectiveness.   Additionally, our radios ensure immediate, reliable communication in emergencies, bolstering security response and coordination.
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Radios for Transportation

PWC offers digital two-way radio solutions for the transportation industry, improving fleet management and efficiency.   Our systems support wide-area coverage and one-to-many communication, essential for keeping drivers informed and operations smooth.   Two-way radios provide a cost-effective alternative to cell phones, essential for transportation services meeting tight deadlines.

I needed a product that would allow me to stay in contact with my fleet. After contacting numerous radio providers I had chose PWC due to their knowledge and professionalism. I am very pleased i chose PWC. They have helped me with any questions I have had or any issues due to my lack of technology know-how. I would highly recommend them.

– Adam W.

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