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Digital Two-Way Radios: NXDN vs. DMR. What does it mean and why does it make a difference?

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When considering migrating to digital radios, there is a crossroad.  For many years, it didn't matter what manufacturer you chose, all radios worked together.  Say you have some Motorola radios but Kenwood has the latest hot product?  No…
high noise canceling handsfree headsets for loud environments

Outfitting Golf Course Radios with an Impact!

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Are your radios exposed to environmental elements like humidity, rain, heat, sand or dirt? If so, you will need a radio that can handle environmental exposure. You need waterproofing. Are your radios used every day or for long periods…
Hytera two-way radios

Finally, a small radio that actually works!

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No big surprise here but most customers don't want a big heavy radio. One of the most common questions we get is "do you have anything smaller?"  The reality is that small radios usually put fashion before function.  Pocket sized radios that…
Hytera radio products (full line-up)

The other (better) Mototrbo solution

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DISPELLING THE MYTH OF MOTOTRBO When considering new digital radios, the field is full of potential options.  If you were to talk to a representative from Motorola they would tell you that the obvious choice in technology is MotoTRBO!  …