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Digital Two-Way Radios: NXDN vs. DMR. What does it mean and why does it make a difference?

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When considering migrating to digital radios, there is a crossroad.  For many years, it didn't matter what manufacturer you chose, all radios worked together.  Say you have some Motorola radios but Kenwood has the latest hot product?  No…
two-way radio versus a smart phone

Using a cell phone as a two way radio: good idea or not?

The capability of the smartphone is always growing.  One of the recent developments has been the ability for smartphones to act as and interface with two-way radios. Multiple manufacturers have come out with this as a complementary solution…
Hytera radio products (full line-up)

The other (better) Mototrbo solution

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DISPELLING THE MYTH OF MOTOTRBO When considering new digital radios, the field is full of potential options.  If you were to talk to a representative from Motorola they would tell you that the obvious choice in technology is MotoTRBO!  …