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Using a cell phone as a two way radio: good idea or not?

The capability of the smartphone is always growing.  One of the recent developments has been the ability for smartphones to act as and interface with two-way radios. Multiple manufacturers have come out with this as a complementary solution to two-way radio systems.  If you are the current holder of a corporate cell phone and want […]

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Outfitting Golf Course Radios with an Impact!

Are your radios exposed to environmental elements like humidity, rain, heat, sand or dirt? If so, you will need a radio that can handle environmental exposure. You need waterproofing. Are your radios used every day or for long periods of time? You need battery charging options. Which accessories best fit the needs of your staff. Golf Accessories.  Should […]


How to Extend Radio Range Without Adding a Repeater

When there’s a need to extend the coverage of handheld two-way radios, the first option is usually a repeater. However, a repeater isn’t the full answer. A repeater will typically put out much more power and have a better antenna system than the portable radios with which it is communicating. This presents an unbalanced system […]