Finally, a small radio that actually works!

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Hytera two-way radios

No big surprise here but most customers don’t want a big heavy radio. One of the most common questions we get is “do you have anything smaller?”  The reality is that small radios usually put fashion before function.  Pocket sized radios that are attractive and convenient generally don’t work well.

Initially we had doubts about the abilities of this compact product from Hytera.  The PD-362 is smaller and lighter than most cell phones and the antenna is an integrated portion of the housing. Could this radio actually work for users in commercial environments?

During a recent demonstration with a customer that had range issues with conventional analog radios, this radio was put to the test.  Not only did it cover the property better than the analog radios, it was able to communicate in underground parking garages where radios had never worked before!

The PD-362 is a 3 watt digital radio.  This is less than a high power portable but we found that it performed better than 4 watt analog portables.  It doesn’t contain any of the proprietary Hytera pseudotrunk features but does just about everything else you would want a digital radio to do.

LCD Display, individual calling features, analog/digital operation, and superior audio are a few of the highlights of this product.Without question the biggest features are the dimensions and weight.

If you have a need or desire to have a smaller radio, this product may be a great fit.  Call for a demonstration today.